Jim Finnegan

For 33 years, Jim has been involved in the abortion struggle as a Pro Life and Pro Family activist.


Jim has distributed literature in front of hospitals that perform abortions and in front of the home of one of the most active abortionists in the Chicago area. Jim and his associates have placed large posters, that show the truth of abortion, in such areas as the Daley Plaza, the Art Institute in Chicago, and Chicago area train stations. Jim is on the Board of the Caring Institute that has provided Pro Life advertising on television, and is an advisor to the Board of the abortion breast cancer link that provides well-documented research on the connection between abortion and breast cancer. He is President of Pro Life adoption that promotes specialty license plates in Illinois, and is a co-founder of Vote Life America, which provides politicians’ voting records on such subjects as abortion, stem cell research and homosexual marriage demands. Jim spent a week in Ireland supporting organizations that campaign to keep abortion illegal in that country, and has raised over $80,000 in the US to provide support for these organizations in Ireland.


In 1995, Jim helped to organize the Defense of Marriage tour of Illinois, which visited 26 cities. He has been active in gathering signatures in Illinois and Florida to add an amendment to the constitutions of those states that would allow the people, rather than judges, to decide whether homosexuals should be allowed to marry. Jim distributes the book "The Homosexual Agenda", and copies are available from Jim during this Reunion.

Finally, Jim is a Co-Director and owner of the Chicago Nativity Scene, which is erected on the Daley Plaza in Chicago on the Saturday after Thanksgiving and remains there through December.