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Updated September 12, 2003

Bob Simkins was gracious enough to give us a copy of the Student Directory for 1952-1953 that he had saved over the years.

That of course was the Freshman year for the class of 1956. We thought it would be fun to extract the information for all those people who had a class year of "1" by their name.

Then we sorted it four different ways.

If you are curious about someone from a particular city you can use the list sorted by
"State, City and Last Name".

If you just want to look up a name use the "Last Name, First Name" list.

There is a list titled "Dorm, Room and Name" which can tell you just who lived on the same dorm floor (or off campus) as you did.

And finally we included a list of "College, Last Name".

If we missed making a list you would like to see please send me an Email.

Now go pick out a list of interest and click on the link to view it.
I hope this brings joy to someone.
Dick Yeager

By the magic of today's computers and software we were able to do this. It was not a pretty sight while this was going on. The print in the original directory is small and it looks like it was printed using something like a mimeograph process. Even with the human eye you have to look hard to decide if some characters are a small "o" or a poorly printed "e". So you can appreciate how our Optical Character Recognition (OCR) software would get faked out. For those of you that care, we used "OmniPage Pro12". To try and catch gross errors we checked the last names to make sure they were always in the correct ascending order. There were obviously different folks typing the original. You will notice the person who typed the first part of the "M" last name list included the full middle names. Can you believe John Frederick Manion? Abbreviations for states were all over the place and of course, ZIP codes had not yet come into use.

My poor wife thinks I am completely nuts to have done this. She may be correct and it may also explain why Engineers used to have trouble getting dates.

I am sure this list is rife with "misprints" but just point them out and we will correct them one at a time.
I thank you in advance for your cooperation.